Please read the conditions about our courier services below carefully.
You agree and are bound to the conditions of this service if you hire
DRS for your delivery requirements. These conditions apply mostly to
temp or casual customers. Other arrangements can be made for
permanent customers.

Most Important Before Anything, Please Note We Do Not
Accept Late Payments.

What DRS Definitely Does Not Accept Is :


If you insist on concealing this from DRS for the purposes of getting your
delivery done, you will be charged 9% interest on outstanding balances that
exceed 5 business days after invoicing and details will be forwarded to our
collections agency which will further compound outstanding balances. Please
do not use DRS if your intentions are to pay within thirty days utilising our
standard payment arrangements. Only permanent customers are offered
flexible payment arrangements in terms of extended payment cycles. Our
general preference is fortnightly payment of all outstanding accounts with
permanent customers
Terms And Conditions Of Hiring DRS

Being in most situations dedicated courier services, services like this are not cheap, but you will not lose a
major client or contract which could be worth a considerable amount of annual turn over to you. The
delivery fee to save you an important client or contract in this case is dismal. If you seriously are looking
for a courier that will get you out of trouble, then we would very much like to help you. That's what we are
here for.

We carry out courier services interstate carrying freight in excess of over 150.000.00 dollars, and also
sensitive freight which can not be trusted to multinationals. Most freight that is entrusted to us does have a
considerable dollar value attached. Freight that is delivered for council development, Airline equipment,
Lab equipment worth thousands of dollars, Government products are an example of such freight. We are
basically your own
personal courier run by owner drivers, not company drivers who don't care. If it fits in a
large van, we can take it.

Account And Payment Terms

This is a service where DRS provides to you on good will that you will not falter on payment of your
completed delivery. DRS expects payment within 5 business days via EFT, cash or company cheque. We
deliver your freight and get your business out of trouble, you pay us for the privilege within our expected
payment time. Very simple transaction and everyone is happy. In some cases, various customers have a
payment cycle of a fortnight. DRS understands this but must be notified to us before commencement of
your delivery. Please understand that although every business has its payment cycle we do expect
payment after 5 business days of invoicing. It  really is not our concern why the invoice was not forwarded
to your accounts department, or why your accounts clerk went on holidays or what you think is wrong with
our  invoice forwarded to you. We clearly find statements as this as common excuses for customers to
prolong payment. If you failed to pre-organise and bring this to our attention, we are sorry to advise that
this is clearly out of our control and really does not concern us.

Payments with a turn around payment cycle of one month will not be
If your business operates on a payment cycle of one month it will be required to be paid by
company cheque, on pick up or delivery. If payment is not made on delivery items will not be delivered,
and re delivery charges will apply ( not partly, but in full ) if the driver is forced to return.
If payment is not made on pick up, standard cancellation
charges herein will be applied for local deliveries. If an interstate delivery is required to be carried out
again to deliver freight that was not payed for on delivery by company cheque after the driver has
returned, a redelivery charge will be applied in full

If a customer has a payment cycle of one month and payment can not be made by company cheque either
on pick up or delivery, then we are sorry to advise that we can not be of service to that customer.
If this is
the case please do not use DRS services. Interstate services will require a fifty percent payment up front
before commencement, either by company cheque, or EFT with a receipt no.

DRS provides services to you without question of previous faults you may have had with other Courier
companies. We provide this in good faith that you will respect, and provide to us proper and honest
business to business ethics with required payments of services provided to you. All we ask is that logic
and common sense be applied.
If we provide a service you agreed to, please pay the balance in due

We provide this service to you without any reservations what so ever. If After 5 business days
payment is yet to be received, we will start charging 9% on outstanding balances daily If you are
found to not pay outstanding amounts for services rendered to your business after repeated
contact or after 5 business days of invoicing. This will be charged daily. If after thirty days
balances are still owing, we will have to out source outstanding balances to our debt collection

Not only this but charges absorbed by us for this service will also be added to outstanding
balances. If the business relationship should reach these boundaries and should you need or
require urgent courier services on short notice from us again, we will not provide these
services to you. We are an emergency courier service designed to get businesses out of
trouble with no accounts or restrictions. You are therefore required to pay the balance in due
time after invoicing.
Quick Delivery, Quick Payment. Simple and Honest Transaction. If you are not
an honest customer, please seek services elsewhere.

You agree to these terms of DRS by hiring DRS services, so please be mindful.


DRS do not carry any insurance for freight in transit. If you are sending goods with DRS please be
advised you must provide your own insurance to cover your goods while in transit. Although we take care
of our customers freight, we do not accept responsibility as accidents are often unforeseen. It is your
responsibility to provide insurance for your own freight while in transit.

Booking any service provided to you  by DRS is considered as an acknowledgement that you have
accepted our terms and conditions regarding insurance needs for your freight in transit.


Confirmation of email stating quote has been accepted must be received
from customer before commencement of pick up.

We carry all manner of freight provided it is not dangerous to occupants of the vehicle or the vehicle being
utilised to carry your freight. Boxed or crated freight must be sealed properly in boxes or crates. We will
not collect freight that appears to be damaged if you are not notified first.

Freight that is collected on your behalf from other transport courier services ( as is often requested from
us ) that is received by us whether damaged or undamaged we take no responsibly for these items. Too
many times freight that has been received from other transport courier services has been delivered
damaged to DRS, even though packaging appears not to be damaged, and customers have not payed for
delivery to DRS. This is no fault of DRS but rather your main carrier, or other third parties.

All freight that is delivered by DRS collected from other transport entities whether damaged or undamaged
is required to be payed in full. If you do not agree with these terms, please do not use DRS Services and
source an alternative avenue. We take responsibility and are careful with our customer's freight when
delivered to us from our customer. We do not take responsibility for freight that is delivered to us from
other transport entities whether it appears damaged or not.


If you have authorised DRS to carry out a delivery for your requirements within the Sydney metropolitan
regions, and a necessity arises to cancel the delivery, a cancellation charge of 50.00 dollars plus
travelling time to the pick up destination will be charged.

Again, if for some un-foreseen reason cancellation of the booking is required after having arrived at the
pick up point, again the same charges apply. Interstate destinations however will require payment of time
used and distance travelled plus fuel if cancellation takes place after commencement of customer pick up.
Please also take note, It is also the customers responsibility to ensure freight will fit into vehicle upon
arrival regardless of given dimensions prior. If the driver has not commenced on your booking, no charges
will apply.

DRS very rarely receives any cancellations once a courier delivery has been booked. In all cases, when
we are called upon to carry out a delivery requirement, we deliver on that requirement. We are basically
your last line of support. If you do however need to cancel, this is acceptable by DRS, and there will not be
any charges if we have not commenced on our way to your pick up.

Waiting Times

These charges are very rarely ever applied due to the nature of the delivery being a priority. Deliveries
are usually accepted very quickly. If delivery is delayed once the destination has been reached, after 15
minutes you will be charged a standard hourly rate per hour on top of your quoted price. Waiting time
charges are 55 dollars per hour.

Geographic Natural Disaster Area Deliveries

If you require DRS to carry out an urgent interstate courier delivery to a disaster area, please be mindful
that there may not be access or roads could be very restricted. If we do accept an urgent courier delivery
to be delivered to a disaster area in a given state, even though you may have been certain there would
not be any hindrance to the delivery, any delays to the delivery point will incur the standard hourly rate
after half an hour. Per day delays to the delivery point while waiting to complete the delivery will incur a  
daily charge. Please call to inquire. Drivers in this case may need to source accommodation while waiting
to complete your delivery requirements. The fixed rate quote is provided to you on a point to point delivery
with no hindrance to the delivery.

Hiring Under Misunderstanding Of Charges

If you have employed DRS services under a misunderstanding of charges applied, this is not the
responsibility of DRS. It is the customers responsibility to clarify such charges, terms of payment and other
terms and conditions that warrant the hire of DRS services.
Please note that should a misunderstanding arise,the fee for DRS service will be invoiced in full and will be
bound by the payment terms and conditions set herein.

Hiring Of DRS Sub-Contractors

DRS are in the business of providing the best possible services to our clients at all times. One of the ways
we do this is to provide the best possible sub-contractors ( owner drivers ) to our customers when needed.
It is however that sometimes the unexpected can happen with our sub-contractors and unforeseeable
events may unfold causing our sub-contractors failure to provide their services to our customers.

Whether this is by means of vehicle failure or breakdowns or at times sudden departure from DRS for any
given reasons, we understand this may cause delay or loss of business in our customer requirements and
also causes inconvenience to DRS. DRS however will not accept responsibility to business loss from our
customers should sudden unforeseeable events take place with our sub-contractors. Although we will
endeavour to reassign a driver to a particular customer location as quickly as possible, DRS will not take
responsibility for such events or be held liable for business loss to customers. Events like this are clearly
out of DR'S control, and we can not see such events forthcoming.

Cancellations Due To Discrepancies
and or Rejections of Delivery of Goods

Cancellations and Rejection costs from customers or Distribution Centres for any given reason  will not be
accepted by DRS, for return of goods to the supplier.  This is not the responsibility of DRS and DRS shall
seek reimbursement of costs to deliver the goods back to the supplier.  DRS will also not accept
responsibility for any costs or sales loss incurred by customers refusing or rejecting deliveries

Wrong order placement, not correct quantities, damaged seal, goods not ordered that have been
delivered etc; etc;  This cost will NOT be absorbed by DRS under any circumstances. If DRS has delivered
your goods to the destination point, we will expect payment for services rendered. If your client refuses
delivery of goods, this will not in any way be seen as circumstances concerning DRS. If we deliver your
goods,  charges for delivery services will apply. If your customer cancels or rejects your goods, this is not
our concern, and again charges will apply.

Thank You
Peter Karpouzas
If your business is in serious trouble with a delivery that could cost you business  and you are looking for a
cheap delivery service to have your urgent delivery executed, then DRS may not be for you. We are
serious about having your delivery carried out swiftly. In most cases It is " cheap services " that got your
business in trouble in the first place. DRS acts urgently on your behalf as if it were our own business to
restore your business reputation as best we can.
in need of urgent assistance. We ARE NOT A COMMON CARRIER such as that of major multinational
transport entities. We reserve the right to update conditions of our terms and conditions of services
without notice.

Our conditions for customers having access to our services we like to believe follow common sense, are
fair, and are available to all in need when needed. We are here to retain your business, and all we expect
is that you treat us fairly in return. When you've given up being inconvenienced, then we are very much
your last hope of retaining your business

In all cases priority
" must be there " delivery services are carried out swiftly with very minimal

This is why they are called
priority courier services

With interstate deliveries, a notice period of two to three hours is usually all it takes for
commencement. Dedicated priority services are designed to be effective in saving contracts
and maintaining client retention.